Metaphysical & Spiritual Workshops

Each Workshops is for information only and come with
a Certificate of Completion

Spirit Rescue    $180

What are ghosts? Are there different types of ghosts?
What other entities haunt people and places?
Why do people not go to heaven? Why do we help them?
Why is it so important? How do we protect ourselves?

This workshop is available online, or join me in Melbourne in January 2016
- for more information click here

Angels in our Lives    $250

Find out about, and connect to, the angels in our lives.

For more information click this link

Psychic Awareness   $150

The Surrender Prayer, Opening your Heart to Gratitude, What is being Psychic?
How to receive Intuition, Connecting to your Higher Self, The Yes! Response, Making a Wish List,
Calling in the Angels, Playing with Energy - Psychometry, and much more

Walking The Lightworker's Path  $150

Covering such subjects as: What is a Lightworker? Learn about yourself as a Lightworker,
the tools such as Gratitude, Joy and Forgiveness, and your role in the world.
Recognising the symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. How to cope in an ever changing world,
and living your life as a true being of Light.

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