Intuitive Readings

Ama Nazra
Spiritual & Angelic Wisdom

Ama connects with your guides and angels and brings their wisdom into your life.
They help us to remember our true and most loving selves.

Enquiries are always welcome

Clairvoyant Readings     $80

No tools are required to connect with our guides and angels. Through clairaudience and visions Ama answers
the questions you want to ask about life, relationships, career, spiritual growth and any other subject you
believe important. You can ask five questions in a normal reading.

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Tarot Readings     $80

The Tarots are an ancient source of information dating back to Egyptian times among the pharoahs.
Using their imagery and their interconnected meanings, Ama opens doors into their ancient wisdom.

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Past Lives Readings     $80

The lives we have lived in the past have an effect on who we are today. We bring karma from past experiences
into every lifetime, connecting to this karma and understanding the meaning is has for you now helps you to
release past traumas and, change current life patterns. You can also have this reading for entertainment.
Not everyone is a famous person, nor is everyone a good person, but many are our quiet achievers,
and all of us choose the lessons we learn in each lifetime.

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Angels and Guides Readings     $80

Who are your angels and guides?
Ama will give you their names and explain their roles in your life and how they are
helping you achieve what you want this time around. By knowing their names and natures
you can more easily connect with them, and ask their help in daily projects, and life dreams.

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Combination Readings     $105

Any combination of the readings mentioned above can be arranged.
Combine your past life experiences with your angels' and guides'
names and wisdom,or choose any other combination
which you think suitable for your answers.

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Spirit Rescue

The role of the Spirit Rescuer is to find Lost Souls and cross them into healing.

People contact me, usually with words something like this:

"I don't know how I found you, but I think that you can help me".

Their stories are much the same,
someone they love is haunting their dreams or lives
making their hearts ache or unintentionally frightening them
and they do not know how to help the ghost, or stop the haunting.
I do.
The outcome of thousands of Rescues has been always the same,
the lost find healing and the living find peace.

While I do not ask for payment for this work,
I am always grateful for the gift of a donation.

Thank you!

For more on Spirit Rescue click this link

Spiritual & Energy Clearings
for Homes and Businesses

Personal Space and Property Clearing is the balancing of energies in your home, property and workspaces to create a more
tranquil and harmonious atmosphere. Once cleared and balanced, personal spaces and properties begin to support
mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Balanced energy can feel inviting, peaceful, relaxing, and invigorating.

The results of this 'space' spring cleaning are quickly felt and appreciated. Many of my clients remarked on how light,
bright and happy their homes and businesses have become - and how more productive everyone seemed to feel.

Space & Property Clearing is advantageous in selling properties and enhancing businesses
by shifting the energetic environment to one more pleasing, inviting, even inspiring.

$85 (plus travel expenses outside Penshurst, Victoria)

$65 Remote clearing

For more information on Spiritual & Energy Clearings click this link

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